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Bunschoten - Spakenburg is centrally located and therefore not far from the larger cities. This map shows the distances from Bunschoten-Spakenburg to the following places:AmersfoortHilversumUtrechtAlmereandAmsterdam. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities for public transport.



Amersfoort is 6.5 km from Bunschoten Spakenburg.  There is plenty to do in Amersfoort for young and old. Here are a few activities:

1.  Amersfoort Zoo.

2. Stadsbrouwerij de drie rings.

3.  Mondrian House

4. Day trip including boating through the canals.

5. Mockey town Amersfoort

6. Super Fun

7. Vue cinema / Pathe

8. Flint Theatre

You can also go shopping or enjoy a delicious meal on the court. There are of course more activities to do, such as cycling or hiking. For more information take a look at the website below.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Amersfoort - Tripadvisor


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Utrecht is 35.1 km from Bunschoten Spakenburg. There is also plenty to see here. from the famous dom tower to the beautiful canals.

1.  Trip through the canals.

2. Visit the Dom Tower.

3. The Railway Museum.

4. Botanical Gardens.

5. The Miffy Museum.

6. Game hall

In addition to these activities, Utrecht is a great city for shopping and there are nice terraces everywhere for a snack. Utrecht is also a very nice nightlife city, it is not called student city for nothing.

Take a look for more activities:

The Top 10 Things to Do in Utrecht - Tripadvisor


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Hilversum is about 20.4 km from Bunschoten Spakenburg. In Hilversum you can shop in Hilversum or take a walk in beautiful nature.  What to do in Hilversum?

1. Walking Hoorneboeg meadow.

2. Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

3. Museum Hilversum.

4. Corverbos Natural Monument.

5. The yard throwers quarter.

6.Aqua Expo

Knowing more?

The Top 10 Things to Do in Hilversum - Tripadvisor


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WWhat is there not to see in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a city where  you really can do anything and where everything is possible. It has a beautiful appearance due to the old canal houses. Keep in mind that because there is a lot of tourism in Amsterdam, English is often spoken in shops.

A look at the activities of Amsterdam:

1. Day cruise.

2. Van Gogh museum.

3. Anne Frank house.

4.Amsterdam Light Festival.

5.  Keukenhof.

6. Vondel Park.

7. Body World.

8. Heineken Experience.

9. Red light district.

10.  Madam Tussauds.

This is far from all! For more activities, look at: 

The Top 10 Things to Do in Amsterdam - Tripadvisor


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Do you want a special dinner experience? book at Ctaste Amsterdam. This restaurant is served by blind and partially sighted people. Do you dare?

Ctaste - Dining in the dark

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